B2B Companies: Blogging Isn’t Going Away

Are you a B2B startup or small business without a business blog? Been waiting for the blogging “craze” to subside?  Hum…..

If you’re a head-in-the-sand entrepreneur about business blogging, here’s a powerful “blog post” at BtoB Online you should read.  “Is blogging over?” documents several excellent reasons to launch your B2B blog.

Here are just some of the awesome reasons from the “Is blogging over?” post.  These should inspire you to get your B2B thought leadership blog plan out, dust it off and get writing/videoing/posting:

B2b blogging allows potential buyers to really get to know you.

— Tony Zambito of Goal Centric

On the subject of Facebook, or Twitter or a company blog, When you look at the b2b market, what’s necessary is thought leadership, and you cannot get thought leadership in 140 characters or a Facebook post.

— Per Mike Rowland, president of Impact Interactions

Effective blogs are also closely tied into the company’s marketing and sales campaigns. Ideally, blog entries are information-rich, researched pieces posted on a regular basis—Cisco bloggers are trained to develop a blogging schedule and stick to it.

–Per Cisco, they believe about 500,000 views per quarter are made on its network of 31 blogs.

…people want targeted content and want to find, share, and digest helpful information. Blogs are the ideal vehicle for delivering this …In Facebook, Twitter, or LinkdedIn people are sharing content they found valuable, interesting, etc. The creation point however can often be the blog.

— Brian Mills, Compendium, Director of Sales, comments section

I agree with everyone’s comments.  For small companies on a budget, business blogs are your best thought-leadership-bet.  B2B blogs are the most cost-effective, long-lasting online method to tell your company story there is.

With original content that’s based on your buyers’ needs, your blog can attract and connect your company with like-minded B2B buyers.

Check out the post at BtoB Online.  Thanks, Jon Vanzile for a succinct, meaty post.

Dear readers, do share your comments below. Do you think Facebook and Twitter will replace/have replaced blogs for B2B companies?

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  1. Ray says:

    I cannot even begin to understand where people get the idea that blogging is fading or will soon fade out… Is it just wishful thinking for those who have chose to abstain from it?

  2. Cynthia Trevino says:

    Hi Ray–I think there’s definitely a bit of “wishful” thinking going on by those of us that are avoiding business blogging…