Building a Small Business Website Using WIX: Interview with Terry Sullivan

Warrillow and Co. recently published research indicating that only 41% of small business owners have websites.  Are you surprised?    I sure was.

About that time I got a shout out from a nice PR person, Matt Langan, at WIX suggesting I might want to blog about WIX.  WIX is a tool that allows small businesses to build flash, template-free web sites and content.  So I asked if I could interview one of their small business owners.  Matt put me in contact with Terry Sullivan, co-owner of Texas Prime Catering.

Here is my interview (about 13 minutes) with Terry Sullivan.  Hear how he built a flash website in 10 hours, compares it to $9,000 flash websites and saved a ton of money.

Have you tried WIX?

Other Do-it-Yourself website tools?

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